Zeek Rewards Top Producer Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Zeek Rewards Results

July 20, 2012

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Learn To Be A Top Earner In Zeek Rewards
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Zeek Rewards distributors: Are you determined to developing a huge business? If so, read this entire article right now.

If you wish to become a top earner, the way to do it is to implement a promotional plan that puts your message in front of thousands of people – not merely a handful of friends, family members and people you know.

You MUST learn to market!

Below are 3 strategies 7-figure earners taught me I have successfully used to take my business to an entirely new level:

Zeek Rewards Secret: Purchase The Premium Level

Both multilevel marketing and affiliate programs often sell products at different price levels. A typical setup looks like this:

– One product at the cheapest price point.

– A middle tier.

– A premium level that’s the highest price.

It’s critical you buy in at the top of the product line. It’s the easiest way to maximize your Zeek Rewards income, and that’s a big deal. Often you can sell only what you have purchased.

– Selling a basic version will pay the lowest commission.

– Sales of the top tier product will pay the largest commissions.

I know of several product lines where getting in at the top pays three to five times the money per sale as getting in at the bottom product! Success in your Zeek Rewards venture is likely to be impossible if you don’t position at the top of all the product lines you sell:

– What you get paid is a tiny percentage of what you could be earning, with the exact same amount of time and effort.

– You will get out-competed by people earning premium commissions. Because they get paid larger commissions, they can buy far more advertising than you. This multiplies their advantage over you.

– You’re basically telling your subconscious you don’t have enough faith in your opportunity to play big. Because of this, you won’t have the drive and follow-through necessary to succeed.

Under no circumstances should you allow how much money you think you have be the deciding factor here. Make sure you buy in at the highest position possible. It likely you will never truly succeed in your Zeek Rewards venture if you don’t purchase the premium tier products.

Zeek Rewards Secret: Escalate Your Level of Commitment

Entrepreneurs in companies such as Zeek Rewards are usually not committed enough to succeed. To build a successful Zeek Rewards business, you must escalate your level of commitment.

There are two basic types of lack of commitment:

– Dedicating far too little time to build a solid business

– Putting too little money into their business

With regard to time, it’s naive to think four to ten hours per week is enough to build a major business. Many people think that telling a few friends about their Zeek Rewards business is going to entice a lot of people to join.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you plan to make thousands of dollars every month? You should expect to spend 15 to 30 hours every week. If investing that much time isn’t realistic, expect to build your business up so you can eventually commit that time.

Virtually all network marketers try to start a business by investing almost no money. These people seem to think they don’t require a marketing budget. These people also have almost no budget for training.

These are crazy sorts of beliefs. Spending thousands of dollars on training and education over time is typical if you plan to be a top earner. You are a businessperson, not an amateur hobbyist. You must escalate your commitment level if you are seriously going to succeed in Zeek Rewards or any other business.

Zeek Rewards Secret: Lead With A Funded Proposal

It takes money to build a Zeek Rewards enterprise. There are going to be marketing, advertising and other expenses. The vast majority of prospects are NOT going to join your business. Mont in and month out you waste money prospecting people who don’t create income for you.

So do you want to learn how to get paid by all the people who DON’T join your Zeek Rewards opportunity? This is what a funded proposal adds to your enterprise. A funded proposal is something inexpensive you sell on the front end of your business to cover your advertising and overhead costs.

You promote your network marketing opportunity to your customers on the back end. Excellent funded proposals are educational tools, systems and courses aimed at network marketers. Most of the time, funded proposals cost $50-$100 and pay you a commission of $25-$60 per sale.

After you’ve retailed a funded proposal, reach out and call your customers. Offer advice how to get the most benefit from the product they just bought. By serving as a guide, your customers will see you as a leader and some will seek to join your Zeek Rewards venture. People will literally start joining your Zeek Rewards business without your even asking.

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