Yoli Secrets: How To Become A Yoli Top Earner

August 31, 2011

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Yoli is a popular health and wellness company that’s headquartered in Salt lake City, Utah.

If you want to become a top earner in Yoli, it’s vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your Yoli business.

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners in companies such as Yoli: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

Here are 3 ways top earners in companies such as Yoli dominate today using the Internet:

Yoli Strategy #1: Be An Extremely Prolific Marketer

7-figure earners typically market more prolifically than everyone else.

How skillfully you put into practice the basic home business activities (lead generation, follow up, doing presentations) will influence your success in your Yoli business.

But you should know the QUANTITY of your activities matters as much as, or more than, how well you perform each task.

Marketing more than your competition in Yoli means creating more Internet traffic and generating more leads daily than other marketers.

If you’re marketing with content, then you should put up a larger number of articles, video clips, and blog entries than most everyone else in Yoli.

If you are advertising, then you should place a larger number of ads, in more venues, than most of your competitors in Yoli.

If you are doing webinars to introduce your MLM company, then 1-3 webinars each and every week. Don’t conduct a webinar just occasionally.

Promoting more than other Yoli reps means that you email your list helpful strategies (and a call to action!) to your list each day. Not every once in a while. Email your leads something useful every single day.

Get an edge by just plain DOING MORE MARKETING, PROSPECTING AND DOING MORE PRESENTATIONS than other Yoli reps are doing.
If you generate more website traffic, generate a larger number of leads, and do more presentations than your competitors, you’ll almost certainly earn more than most other Yoli distributors.

Yoli Strategy #2: Become More Valuable To Your Prospects

Most new multilevel marketers in companies like Yoli start off with the wrong focus.

They think it’s all about Yoli, its compensation plan, products, the management team, etc.

Then they go out and try to tell people about Yoli. They “lead with the opportunity”. This is NOT the way 7-figure earners build their businesses. Almost no one on the Internet cares about your network marketing company- whether it’s Yoli or some other company.

Why is this the case?

Online, your target market is frustrated network marketers seeking one thing: Someone to show them the way.

In nearly every case, these frustrated networkers ARE NOT seeking a new opportunity like Yoli!

They are seeking a guide who can coach them to be successful.

The network marketing company this leader promotes is secondary.

Prospects want to join a team where the leader can guide them to the top, regardless of the company.

You absolutely must position yourself as a coach/trusted advisor who can help your prospects succeed in their home based business.

To position yourself as a coach, you must teach your prospects tactics and strategies that can help them grow their business.

What if you don’t know tactics and strategies? You’re going to need to learn new skills.

Buy training courses, subscribe to membership websites, and attend live events so you are learning new skills regularly.

You don’t need to master EVERY aspect of marketing.

But if you pick one tactic, such as how to do home meetings for Yoli, or close more sales, or how to generate traffic and leads on Youtube, or any other tactic, you can stand out.

On the front end of your business, don’t pitch your Yoli opportunity. Instead teach the skill you’ve been mastering.

When you start teaching, your prospects will see you as the leader they want to follow.

As soon as you’re regarded as a guide by your prospects, some will start to ask to join your Yoli team.

Increase your value. It is one of the most important “secrets” all top producers do to stay on top.

Yoli Strategy #3: Maximize Revenue Per Customer

It’s five to ten times cheaper (and easier) to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer.

Instead of just promoting your Yoli products to your prospects and new Yoli reps, promote affiliate products to them also.

Affiliate products are instructional online products, such as ebook, training-oriented membership websites, and other digital products that educate network marketers on skills and techniques to increase their income. Typical affiliate commissions are $25-$150 per sale.

There are many advantages to selling affiliate products:

• More money per customer and more revenue per lead
• Usually higher customer satisfaction, because customers get more value from their relationship with you
• Easier future sales. Customers happy with the other products you recommended will be likely to buy other things that you recommend in the future.  Some affiliate customers will want to join your Yoli business.

The second way to maximize revenue per customer is to upsell higher ticket items.

Typical network marketing companies such as Yoli cost between $150-$500 to get started. Usually you earn a bonus commission of $40-$120 for every new Yoli distributor you sponsor.

If all you do is promote affiliate products and a traditionally-priced network marketing company such as Yoli, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

You should also promote a high ticket course or educational event that pays a commission of $1,000 or more.

In network marketing, there are two ways to add a high ticket offer to your marketing mix:

First, you can offer your high ticket course or event to those you sponsor into Yoli.

Second, there exist top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $1,000 or more. You could promote one of these high ticket opportunities IN PLACE OF Yoli.

Virtually all top network marketers who market mostly online promote a top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $1,000 or more and NOT a traditionally-priced MLM opportunity such as Yoli.

In many cases, promoting a high ticket top tier opportunity allows you to earn a LOT more for the same amount of work as a typically-priced MLM opportunity such as Yoli.

To summarize, get beyond marketing your Yoli business to friends and family, and do three things 7-figure earners do:

  • Out-promote other Yoli reps
  • Increase your value
  • Maximize revenue per customer

Do these things, and you’re well on your way to the top of the Yoli comp. plan.  Better yet, take advantage of the powerful opportunity listed below.  Enter your name, email and phone below now.


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