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June 12, 2012

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Willow House success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you seek to become a top earner, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family network marketers are taught to approach.

You’ve got to learn to acquire customers and business partners the way nearly all legitimate businesses do: through marketing!

Read the rest of this article to learn several strategies top 2% earners are using to build large and lucrative businesses:

Willow House Secret: Make Attrition A Non-Issue

More than 80 percent of the people in your Willow House organization will quit the business within the first year. Willow House business builders are taught two tactics to boost retention, but each strategy creates other problems.

1) Method one is to assist new Willow House distributors to make money right away, so they get an early taste of success and want to stick around. When you attempt to help EVERY new Willow House rep in your organization get into profit quickly, you spend LOTS of time helping your worst-performing new reps, the people who can’t sponsor anyone by themselves. About 20% of your Willow House downline is going to generate 80% of the growth and income in your business, and you end up focusing on the weakest 80%! By focusing on the wrong people, you foster dependency.

2) The other common approach is get your Willow House team members to feel connected to your team, so the interpersonal connections and sense of belonging the person feels overcomes frustrations that might otherwise make them quit. Live team events, Willow House team conference calls, and one-on-one coaching can foster a sense of team. This approach takes up time and can also make your people dependent on you. You’ll end up with many underperforming team members who stick around for the team connection but sponsor few or no people into Willow House.

You’re a business owner, not a group therapist. A contrarian but effective approach to the attrition problem is to revise your business model not to boost retention, but rather to make retention much less important. To make attrition less of a problem, promote affiliate products to your prospects, which can easily add more than 10 affiliate income streams to your business. This diversifies your income and makes you less dependent on your downline for revenue. When you depend less on your downline for income, attrition matters less. A second way to make attrition less important is to promote a high ticket opportunity that pays commissions of $1,000 or more per sale. In contrast, most network marketing comp plans such as Willow House pay a $50-$100 sign-up bonus for each new rep you sponsor, forcing you to build a large team and build a large residual check to make a full-time income. When you earn $800+ per sign up, you effectively earn 2-3 years worth of residuals up front, regardless whether your new signup endures for 6 days or 6 years. This makes retention a non-issue.

Willow House Secret: Market Online

Marketing online is a powerful way to grow your Willow House venture. Internet marketing has several advantages:

– You can reach your audience 24/7 around the world

– The opportunity to generate a great deal of leads

– Marketing automation potential that gives you more free time

– Overhead costs of marketing online are low

New network marketers in companies like Willow House usually resort to online spam. Get in on the pre-launch! You’ve never seen a comp. plan like this! We’ve got amazing products. This is spammy marketing.

Absolutely no one cares about your company, its products or your comp plan. Network marketers in companies such as Willow House care about solving their critical business problems. Networkers want more traffic, leads and sales. Networkers want their check to be bigger. They want more retention in their downline. Network marketers want higher levels of duplication from their teams.

Your marketing should focus on providing solutions to the problems network marketers face. For example:

– Create a blog that shows networkers how to boost retention.

– Shoot short videos that teach how to boost duplication.

– Write a report on ways to generate leads online.

By providing solutions to the problems faced by network marketers, you position yourself as an expert. A subset of these people will reach out to join your Willow House organization.

Willow House Secret: Promote More Than Your Competitors Do

You can earn more than others in Willow House by simply being a more prolific marketer. It’s true your skill level will impact your network marketing results.

But you should know the quantity of your implementation makes as much of a difference, or more than, how skillfully you complete each task. Outpromoting others in your niche means generating more web traffic and creating a greater number of leads each day than your competitors.

If you’re doing article and video marketing, then put up a larger number of articles, videos, and blog entries than most of your competitors. If you’re relying on advertising for your Willow House opportunity, then place more ads in more places than everybody else.

If webinars are part of your business model, then do one or more webinars each and every week. Don’t conduct a webinar just occasionally. Marketing more than everyone else means that you email your list helpful strategies (and a call to take action!) to your list every single day. Not every once in a while. Every day!

Outcompete others promoting Willow House by placing more advertisements, doing more videos, writing more articles and just overall doing more than the competition. If you attract more website visitors, bring in more leads, and conduct more webinars than your competitors, you’ll almost definitely generate more income than the Willow House competition.


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