3 “Underground” Top Earner Strategies You’re NEVER Taught

August 30, 2012

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You’ve been lied to!

Leaders in network marketing, on conference calls and at events, teach people the same thing:

  • Make a list of friends and family. Prospect these people.
  • Promote the company and opportunity using a system.
  • Don’t inject your personal touch.
  • Focus on your opportunity only. Don’t sell anything but the company’s products.

But do leaders actually do this?

Watch this controversial video exposing 3 strategies top earners use but NEVER teach. And learn a HUGE misconception, a “fatal flaw” that separates broke network marketers from those earning five figures a month. Watch it now!

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Do leaders make a list and focus exclusively on prospecting friends and family?

The typical rep who makes his list of 100-200 names might sponsor 5-10 people from that list.

That’s a 3%-5% conversion rate. And that’s typical.

5-figure monthly earners have usually personally sponsored 100 people or more.

Why? Because attrition and lack of duplication mean you have to sponsor a ton of people to find 3-5 “leaders” who will do the same. It’s a numbers game people.

There’s obviously no way you’re going to sponsor 100 people from a list of 200 names.

Leaders sponsor 100 or more people by moving large numbers of people through an exposure process. We generate leads. Offline, that means newspaper and/or radio ads. Online, that means YouTube videos. Or blogging. Or Facebook ads.

Do leaders promote the opportunity without injecting their personal touch?

We leaders do webinars, conference calls and live events where we teach our methods. We have personal blogs. Some leaders even have their own logos. This is personal branding. It’s not just about promoting the company!

Do leaders sell only the opportunity?

Ever notice that at live events, there’s a table where you can buy books, DVDs, CDs, courses, and other things? That’s not an accident. Leaders sell these things to supplement their income. I’ve made thousands selling courses and tools. And you should too.

If you want to make money, and not be a drone who just loses money every month, you have to follow in the footsteps of what leaders actually do, not what they say they do.

Leaders do the following:

  • Generate leads
  • Brand themselves
  • Sell courses, tools and systems

You see, when you generate leads, brand yourself, and make money OUTSIDE of your opportunity, a funny thing happens.

You stand out!

People want to join leaders who are successful and who stand out from the pack.

People do not want to get sponsored by drones. They want to join a leader.

And when you’re generating leads, and promoting yourself, and making money from a variety of income streams, people become magnetically attracted to you.

Because they want these things too!

When you generate leads, brand yourself, and make money from multiple income streams… Sponsoring becomes easy!

If you want a 5-figure monthly income, you must generate leads, brand yourself, and make money from a varuiety of inceom streams.

Get the simple online system that lets you generate leads, brand yourself, and sell courses and training…90% on autopilot: http://www.MeetSteveJaffe.com/secrets

When I started using a simple online system to generate leads, brand myself, and sell courses, tools and training, my life changed.

  • I started generating 35-50 leads daily
  • People started calling me and emailing me to join my business
  • I started earning thousands monthly.

And it all happened quickly – within about 90 days.

You see, you have choice:

1. Blindly follow the herd. Swallow the teachings of people telling you one thing. And doing another thing

2. Or move ahead. Change your life. Start earning a five figure monthly check.

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Wakeup time.

What’s going to happen if you don’t do what leaders do?

  • You will sacrifice hundreds of hours, lose sleep, and take time away from family in order to earn less than a part-time entry level worker from Bangladesh.
  • The tightness in your stomach, and the fear of never “making it” will literally NEVER leave.
  • Your friends and relatives will continue to think you’re crazy from trying “that thing”

Seriously, is there really any alternative but to do what leaders actually do to make money? Not what they say. Not the hype. Not the simple-minded “make a list” garbage?

Be a leader. Not a herd follower. Get the system that will take you to the top: http://www.MeetSteveJaffe.com/secrets

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