Team BeachBody Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Team BeachBody Profits

June 12, 2012

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Learn To Be A Top Earner In Team BeachBody
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Team BeachBody network marketing reps: Stop pestering friends and family about your opportunity.. Learn the strategies 7-figure earners are quietly using to build enormous businesses.

If you wish to become a top earner, it’s vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your business..

You’ve got to learn to acquire customers and business partners the way nearly all legitimate businesses do: through marketing!

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

Team BeachBody Secret: Publish Instructional Content

Marketing a business such as Team BeachBody on the internet is VERY different from promoting Team BeachBody offline. Typically network marketers begin by making a list of friends, family and others that know them. These people will listen because they know and respect you.

On the Internet, no one knows who you are! When you approach people about your business on the Internet, they’re usually going to consider it spam and just tune you out.

It’s important you appear credible. You’ve got to establish the following:

– You are a real and likeable person

– You can assist the prospect to make money

– You possess skills, knowledge or talents you can teach

Online, people join business opportunities like Team BeachBody because:

– The person sees a video, blog post, Facebook post or email that teaches them something useful to their business

– They start following that person’s content. They eventually realize that the content producer can help them

– The prospect regards the content producer as an authority

– The prospect joins the content producer’s business

So if you’re one of the people spamming join my opportunity! all over Facebook, forums, in email, then stop doing that. The best way to build a network marketing business online is to lead with instructional content.

On the Internet, it’s foolish to lead with your Team BeachBody venture. Create blog posts, videos and other content that instructs network marketers how to grow their businesses. Position yourself as an advisor or trainer.

Team BeachBody Secret: Promote A Funded Proposal On The Front End

Your Team BeachBody venture is going to generate expenses. You’re going to need to fund advertising, tools and systems. About 90%-95% of the people you approach are never going to join your network marketing organization. Mont in and month out you waste money prospecting people who don’t create income for you.

So do you want to learn how to get paid by all the people who DON’T join your Team BeachBody opportunity? This is what a funded proposal does for your business. A funded proposal is something easy to sell and inexpensive which covers your overhead costs.

You promote your network marketing opportunity to your customers on the back end. Courses, tools and systems for network marketers are great funded proposals. Typically, a funded proposal costs $40-$70 and commissions are 30%-40%.

Call the people who have purchased a retail product from you. Offer advice how to get the most benefit from the product they just bought. By serving as a guide, your customers will see you as a leader and some will seek to join your Team BeachBody venture. People will literally start joining your Team BeachBody business without your even asking.

Team BeachBody Secret: Diversify Your Traffic Sources

A lot of people want to market a business such as Team BeachBody online. Start by focusing on one and only way to generate leads on the Internet. Beginning marketers who try to do too many things at once just get overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is the challenge all new people face when they start to market online.

Eventually you don’t want to depend too greatly on any one source of website traffic. Banner ads, Youtube videos and blog posts that appear in search engine results are all ways to generate traffic to build your Team BeachBodybusiness.

Your long term strategy should be to master one strategy first, then add other traffic sources thereafter. That way, if a traffic source declines, you have other traffic to generate leads for your business.

Each traffic source will behave differently. Some traffic sources will yield a lot of sales. Other traffic sources will yield less results. Become skillful at promoting Team BeachBody to your prospects no matter what traffic source they arrived from.

Be just like an investor with a portfolio of various stocks, not only one stock. Having a diverse portfolio of traffic reduces risk. Create a portfolio of traffic sources, but start with a SINGLE source of traffic for your Team BeachBody business. If you don’t, overwhelm will almost certainly be your fate.

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