StampinUp Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your StampinUp Profits

June 20, 2012

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Learn To Be A Top Earner In StampinUp
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StampinUp network marketing reps: Stop pestering friends and family about your opportunity.. Learn how 7-figure earners build huge businesses using tactics rarely taught at live events and on StampinUp webinars.

If you want to become a top earner, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family network marketers are taught to approach.

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

StampinUp Secret: Get Started At The Top Tier

Many network marketing programs and affiliate marketing products have products at various price points. For example:

– One item that’s the most affordable.

– An intermediate version.

– One product at the most expensive price point.

Purchase the premium level, every time. It’s the easiest way to maximize your StampinUp income, and that’s a big deal. It’s common that you can only generate commissions on the sale of products you own yourself.

– Selling a basic version will pay the lowest commission.

– Selling the premium version will pay the highest commission.

The premium commission might pay five to twenty times more money per sale than the basic level! Success in your StampinUp venture is likely to be impossible if you don’t position at the top of all the product lines you sell:

– You earn dramatically less income, for the same level of effort.

– You won’t be able to compete with those positioned properly at the top of the pay plan. Because they get paid larger commissions, they can buy far more advertising than you. This multiplies their advantage over you.

– You weaken your belief and self-confidence by subtly telling yourself you don’t deserve to be at the top level. Because you’ve sabotaged your mindset, you will not take the actions necessary to be successful.

Under no circumstances should you allow how much money you think you have be the deciding factor here. ALWAYS buy the premium level. Success in your StampinUp business might depend on it.

StampinUp Secret: Give Something Away

There are two steps to generate leads for your StampinUp opportunity:

1. Bring visitors to your Internet site. Good sources of traffic are popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

2. Offer an instructional guide visitors can download in exchange for giving you their name and contact info Focus the instructional guide on network marketer’s most urgent issues:

– Not enough revenue

– Retention is weak

– Your downline isn’t duplicating enough

– Too few leads

Your free offer could be access to a Free Webinar Training. Either create the training yourself, or outsource it.

Create a free offer that is much higher quality than the prospect anticipates. Make this first impression with your prospects count, as it will influence your closing ratios of your StampinUp business.

You’ll close more sales into StampinUp because you’ve made the right first impression. Build the relationship by continuing to provide free instructional tips via email. At the end of each email, promote a product or your StampinUp opportunity.

StampinUp Secret: Drive A Lot Of Visitors To Your Website

Retail stores depend on customers to visit the store. When the number of store visitors goes up, sales increase. The same thing is true when you promote your StampinUp business on the internet. If you increase the number of people that visit your website and see your online marketing, you will generate more leads.

People who are top producers usually generate the most traffic and leads. Top producers in network marketing average 30-200 leads per day on the internet.

Most everybody else in opportunities like StampinUp creates 0-2 leads a day online. How do you attract large number of leads for your StampinUp venture?

You’ve got to build ONE traffic source at a time. You can get traffic from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google or many other sources. Select and focus on ONE traffic source until you generate 20 leads per day or more from that traffic source. Never add another source of traffic until you reach this threshold.

Newbie network marketers try to master every internet marketing tactic at the same time. This will not work. These are the people that end up quitting out of frustration and despair. Start off with ONE web traffic technique.

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