Slimberry: How To Sell LOTS Of Slimberry Like A Top Producer

August 17, 2011

MLM Companies

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Wela reps: Listen up.  Most Wela reps trying to sell a lot of Slimberry use the following tactics:

  • Wela reps who want to sell Slimberry tend to approach friends and family about Slimberry
  • These reps often lead with the product and tout Slimberry’s features and benefits.
  • Wela reps who want to sell Slimberry talk about Slimberry’s ingredients such as acai, maqui, moringa, etc.
  • Or they tout Slimberry’s potential benefits, such as weight loss, increased energy, muscle toning, etc.
  • Wela distributors  commonly share Slimberry testimonials from people who have lost weight or gotten results by using Slimberry.

Can you sell some Slimberry using these tactics?  Sure.  I used to use similar tactics when I was in a juice MLM years ago.  But I ran into 2 problems using these tactics, and you will run into these problems too if you try to use them to promote Slimberry:

Problem #1: You can’t scale the strategy of approaching friends and family about Slimberry and touting Slimberry’s benefits.  What happens when you run out of people to talk to?  Your business runs out of gas!

Problem #2: The network marketing field is very CROWDED with competing health and wellness products.  Juices.  Pills.  Cremes.  Miracle cures.

No matter how excited you are about Slimberry, the average person will probably assume Slimberry is just like all the other health and wellness products in the marketplace.

They are likely to view Slimberry as “just another supplement”.

To really move a lot of Slim,berry product in your business, take a totally different approach.  You must be a contrarian and follow how 7-figure earners really do it, NOT use the “Slimberry is amazing!!” approach so many people are taught. Forget jumping up and down about product benefits.  Follow the  three tactics below instead.  This is how 7 figure earners build:

Slimberry Sales Strategy #1: Drive LOTS Of Visitors To Your Website

Naturally, the more people who go to a store, the more revenue that store is going to make. The same holds true when you market Slimberry on the web.

The more targeted website visitors to your website, the more leads you can expect to yield.

The greater the number of leads you produce, the more Slimberry sales you’ll create and the more new reps that will sign up for your Wela business.

Pretty simple.

Generally speaking, top producers drive significantly more site visitors to their web sites than other people. Top earners typically produce 50-200 leads per day on the web. Most everybody else generates 0-2 leads per day on the internet.

How do we bring in a lot of traffic to your website? It is not going to come from one source.

Depending your business on only one source of online traffic is risky. What if that one source dries up for any reason?

You’ll need to have a portfolio of 5-20 unique website traffic solutions that collectively accumulate to a lot of website traffic.

But here’s the paradox: To drive a great deal of traffic, start by learning ONE SINGLE traffic creation technique.

Irrespective of whether it is a paid strategy, such as banner advertising or pay per click, or a “free” strategy, such as Youtube videos, focus on this ONE traffic strategy until you’re generating 20-30 leads each day.

If you try to master multiple techniques simultaneously, you will get information overload and you are not going to get results.

Get started with one web traffic strategy. Create a portfolio of website traffic sources over time.

Slimberry Sales Strategy #2: Warm Your List of Leads

As you produce leads online, it’s important to warm your prospects before marketing directly to them. That goes for marketing your Wela opportunity, the Slimberry product, or both.

Do NOT lead with your Slimberry offer.

On the Web, people buy from those they know, like and trust. In contrast the majority of Wela reps who try to promote Slimberry to almost everyone, instead position yourself like a trusted advisor, not a needy salesperson.

Lead with instructional content.

Upload blog articles, create video clips, or send email messages to your leads in which you help them learn things. Teach ways to expand their business, how to sign up more people, how to drive traffic, or anything else helpful to their business. This no cost education warms your list, making it simple to recruit people or sell them affiliate products.

Warm your list with free training before selling anything to these prospects. Set yourself apart from needy Wela reps promoting Slimberry.

Because your leads regard you as a trusted advisor on marketing, many will want to join your Wela team.  Sign them up into your Wela business, and start them on Slimberry autoship.

Scale tyour marketing to sign up lots of reps and you can sell a ton of Slimberry!

Slimberry Sales Strategy #3: Sell Affiliate Products and Services On The Front End

Ironically, you will sell far more Slimberry product if you start by selling affiliate products instead.

“Affiliate” tools, such as training programs and internet online marketing systems which will pay out a commission on each sale, place added revenue in your pocket.

Use your affiliate commissions to cover your advertising costs.  You can keep your ads running at all times, and therefore always have a steady supply of leads.

Do you see the incredible power of this approach!  Contrast this to running out of friends and family to approach.

Affiliate products allow you to make money from the large percentage of leads and prospects who never join your Wela business.  This increases your income.

Second, buyers of affiliate products and services are a good deal more likely to sign up for your Wela business than people who have not bought anything from you. Separating the buyers from the browsers helps you to zero in on your top prospective Slimberry customers.

Numerous affiliate products are regular monthly membership websites, which often produces an additional repeating monthly commision for you.

Finally, by marketing valuable online marketing tools on the front-end, you differentiate yourself. You won’t be just one of the numerous Wella distributors who try to hard sell Slimberry. You will appear more polished and attract people as a result.

To summarize, if you want to sell a lot of Slimberry, do NOT lead by touting Slimberry’s benefits.  Instead drive lots of traffic online, warm these leads, sell them affiliate products, and then introduce Slimberry to your customers.  This “contrarian” approach is how the top producers are doing it today.  Go for it!

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