Prospecting Sucks. And The Controversial Solution

August 28, 2012

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When you started a home business – Did you envision stapling a phone to your ear and spending 4 hours a day calling deadbeat leads?

I didn’t think so.

“Prospecting”, the act of calling leads to see if they’re a fit for your business, is hell for most people.

You end up calling people who don’t care, don’t want to hear from you, and regard you with suspicion.

Are we having fun yet?

Yet 99.9% of network marketers are told prospecting is necessary.

Watch this killer video where I expose the serious drawbacks to prospecting…and show you the simple, controversial solution.

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Is it true? Is prospecting over the phone a good strategy for everybody?

Network marketers are told it’s “a relationship business”.   And they assume that means nearly everything they do has to happen in person, or over the phone.

But social media -like Facebook and YouTube- prove you can develop and grow relationships without getting on the phone!

Every successful marketer I know (myself included) has made thousands (in some cases, millions) online WITHOUT prospecting their leads.

That’s right. We make our money by NOT calling leads.

Instead, we create signups and sales online…and we call CUSTOMERS. Not prospects.

“Prospecting” is going the way of 8-track tapes, VHS, vinyl records and typewriters. Prospecting is being replaced by innovations that are simply more efficient: Social media. Email. Online video.

People who preach prospecting think not doing it is “controversial”.

Using email and social media is controversial? Seriously?

Whom would you rather speak with? A suspicious prospect? Or someone who’s psyched about what you offer and who has just bought something from you?

Here’s a “prospect” sounds: “Hello? Who’s calling? WHO are you?”

Here’s how a customer or new signup sounds: “Thanks for calling! Wow. I’ve seen your videos online! I’m so impressed you called me!”

The other problem with phone prospecting is scale.

You can only call so many people in a day. Maybe, you could call 10-20 prospects in a day.

But what happens when you generate more than 20 leads daily? You no longer have the time to call everyone!

You will resist generating more leads than you can call in a day.

Focusing on prospecting will act as a “ceiling” on how many leads you generate.

Why build a business you cannot scale?

It’s like building a store the size of a phone booth. It makes no sense!

You do NOT need to prospect- if you’re willing to invest in yourself and learn some very basic (not expert_ online marketing skills. Anyone can do this.

Here’s how to use email in your business to sponsor more reps and sell more stuff:

– Use an “autoresponder” – a service that automatically sends emails on your behalf. Import pre-written emails into your autoresponder.

– As soon as you generate a lead, have your autoresponder send a welcome email. then every day thereafter, have one email sent per day.

“Secret” system gives you 20 professionally-written follow-up messages proven over 4 years and thousands of members to create sales, generate signups, and make you more money- automatically! ===>

– In your emails, take the role of a teacher. Relate practical advice and tactics people can apply in their businesses to improve their results.

– In your emails, do NOT pitch your deal. Remember- your prospect must feel like they know you, like you and trust you before they will buy from you.

– Teach about lead generation, recruiting and retention tactics, or any other topics relevant to your target market.

– Your intent with your emails is to establish a relationship.

– In the end of each email, and also in the body of every e-mail, include a link to the next step in your exposure system for your business. This could be a link to a webinar or a link to a sales video.

I’ve been using email to sell online for years.

In early 2009, I got started using an online marketing system that came with 20 pre-written emails.

And to my amazement, these 20 emails have made me thousands of dollars.

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