Party Light Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Party Light Profits

June 13, 2012

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Party Light business owners: It’s time to learn what it REALLY takes to become a top income earner. Are you dedicated to making it to the top of your comp. plan?

If you wish to become a top earner, it’s vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your business..

It’s imperative you master the basics of marketing- like any real business

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

Party Light Secret: Market With Online Videos

Using Youtube to generate traffic and leads will result in:

– More affiliate product sales

– Sales reps joining your Party Light business

– Revenue growth

A lot of people have no idea how popular Youtube is. Youtube is currently the world’s third most popular website. Thousands of people each day get on Youtube to watch videos about network marketing companies, strategies and products. Marketing on Youtube is a great way to attract leads for your Party Light business.

Over the last few years I have posted several thousand Youtube videos. I still get traffic and leads almost daily from videos I posted two years ago! Video marketing adds leverage to your Party Light business:

– Youtube videos work on your behalf, 24 hours a day while you do other things.

– You create videos once, and they generate leads for years

– Youtube videos never complain it’s “too hard”, and they never quit

– Videos get your prospects to feel as if they know you. This makes leads from Youtube 2-3 times more responsive than other leads.

Videos ion the internet are akin to a huge group of robots that promote your Party Light business on autopilot. Incorporate video marketing into your arsenal.

Party Light Secret: Promote A Funded Proposal On The Front End

Building a Party Light venture takes money. You need money for advertising, educational tools and marketing systems. The vast majority of prospects are NOT going to join your business. So you end up spending money every month on people that don’t result in revenue.

There’s a simple and effective way to get paid by the people who didn’t join your Party Light venture. This is what a funded proposal does for your business. A funded proposal is something easy to sell and inexpensive which covers your overhead costs.

You promote your network marketing opportunity to your customers on the back end. Excellent funded proposals are educational tools, systems and courses aimed at network marketers. The best funded proposals cost $30-$100 and pay you a commission on 40%-60% per sale.

Once you’ve sold an inexpensive training product or tool, call your customers. Provide some suggestions how they can make best use of the product they just purchased. Because you’re acting like a leader, your prospects regard you as an authority and many will want to join your Party Light venture. People will literally start joining your Party Light business without your even asking.

Party Light Secret: Think Like A Top Earner

Your mentality will determine your ability to succeed in Party Light more than by any other factor. Running a business demands a very different mentality than being an employee. Having an extremely positive, forward-thinking focus and frame of mind is critical.

Network marketers usually focus on skills development too much. They focus too little on mindset development. Mindset is far more important than skills.

The things you think about habitually are the things you attract into your life. You can always learn skills for your Party Light business. But without the proper mindset, you will quit the business before you’ve implemented any of these skills.

If you want to be successful in your Party Light enterprise, you’ve got to believe:

– No matter what happens, I will find a way to be successful

– Even when I face obstacles that would make others quit, I will endure

– I am self-sufficient. I don’t depend on my sponsor or upline

– I have a strong purpose for building a successful business

– I have a very specific and quantified goal I have defined for my business

Take on personal development activities such as attending workshops and listening to trainings by leading mindset trainers. Focus on building the right frame of mind, and your Party Light business will start moving in the right direction.

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