Numis Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Numis Profits

July 10, 2012

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NOTE: In this post, I refer to Numis Network as “Numis”.

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Numis distributors: Are you committed to creating a big business? If that’s the case, dig into this article now.

If you wish to become a top earner, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you’ll run out of friends and family to approach.

It’s imperative you master the basics of marketing- like any real business

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

Numis Secret: Promote Yourself On the Front End. Sell Your Business Second.

People in companies like Numis who try to market online mistakenly lead with their opportunity. They fail to understand people aren’t looking for a business like Numis to get started with. There’s only one thing they’re really looking for: Someone to guide them to achieving success.

Distinguish yourself by promoting the value YOU bring to the situation. Do not simply lead with your business opportunity! The internet is littered with amateurish network marketers who go on and on about how great their company is. They boast it has the greatest compensation plan, the greatest leadership team, the best product line, etc. And these people miss the reality that almost nobody cares about that stuff.

Position yourself as a leader with value to deliver to the marketplace. Offer free training by means of video tutorials and articles or blog posts. Do webinars. Train. Many of your followers will look up to you as a leader. Some of your followers are going to ask to join your Numis business.

Numis Secret: Cultivate The Mindset Of A Top Earner

Network marketers in Numis and similar opportunities tend to get too focused on tactics and skills. These people under invest in their mindset development. Sure, tactics such as recruiting, leadership and closing matter. But there is another area that’s far more critical to your Numis success.

Your habitual thinking is a larger determinant of your success than tactics and strategies. You must win the game inside in order to produce external results in your Numis business.

Your habits are going to determine your level of success. A habit is something you do without thinking. There isn’t any internal resistance. Cultivate your mindset so that performing the revenue-generating tasks in your Numis business become a habit. You should be doing some work for your business 5-6 days each week.

Cultivate the mindset to conquer all challenges. Building a business will challenge you more than you realize. Attend transformational workshops and work with a coach.

Numis Secret: Network With Other Business Owners

Growing a Numis business is very different than being an employee. Rather than depending hopelessly on a job to make you rich, you’re building a long term enterprise.

After a while, almost no one is going to understand what the heck you’re doing. Here’s the sort of nonsense you’ll hear:

– You think you’re too good to have a job like everyone else?

– When are you going to make money?

– I tried one of those things before. They never work!

This is employee mindset. You cannot afford to let your mindset be poisoned by this garbage. Do not discuss your business with these types of people. You’ll find new friends and potential new business partners.

Put yourself into places where you’ll meet other network marketers. Attend regional and national training events for Numis reps. Connect with a few top leaders in Numis or other companies. They’re usually the type of dynamic and charismatic people you want to be around.

Find and connect with network marketers on Facebook. Do not lead with your Numis business. Start conversations. How much you earn is going to resemble the income of the five people you spend the most time with. Select the people you associate with very carefully.

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