Natures Sunshine Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Natures Sunshine Profits

June 19, 2012

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Learn To Be A Top Earner In Natures Sunshine
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Natures Sunshine success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you want to become a top earner, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family network marketers are taught to approach.

You MUST learn to market!

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

Natures Sunshine Secret: Become More Valuable To Your Prospects

Most new Natures Sunshine marketers focus too heavily on Natures Sunshine, its comp plan, products, the management team, etc. So they lead with Natures Sunshine’s products or the Natures Sunshine opportunity in their marketing.

This is NOT the way 7-figure earners build their businesses in companies such as Natures Sunshine. No one on the Internet cares about your network marketing company, whether it’s Natures Sunshine or another company. These frustrated networkers ARE NOT seeking a new opportunity. Even one you stand behind such as Natures Sunshine!

On the Internet, your target market is network marketers who have not experienced success yet. They are seeking a guide who can coach them to be successful Which network marketing opportunity this leader happens to promote is almost immaterial.

You absolutely must position yourself as a coach/trusted advisor who can help your prospects succeed in their home based business. To position yourself as a coach, you must teach your prospects tactics and strategies that can help them grow their business.

If you don’t know tactics and strategies then you’re going to need to learn new skills. Buy training courses, subscribe to membership websites, and attend live events so you are learning new skills regularly. You don’t need to master EVERY aspect of marketing.

But if you pick one tactic, such as how to do home meetings for your Natures Sunshine business, or close more sales, or how to generate traffic and leads on Youtube, or any other tactic, you can stand out. As soon as you’re regarded as a guide by your prospects, some will start to ask to join your Natures Sunshine team. Focus on teaching this tactic to your prospects, and many of them will want to join your Natures Sunshine team.

Natures Sunshine Secret: Leverage A Ready-Made Marketing Funnel

You can’t successfully promote your Natures Sunshine venture by shouting about it on Facebook and other sites. Strangers on the Internet could care less about your business. You’ve got to lead prospects through a gradual process of education and rapport-building to promote online.

Implement a marketing funnel to build your Natures Sunshine business online. A marketing funnel leads the prospect one step at a time from first contact to sale.

Your best target market is network marketers who are failing to generate a profit. A sales funnel requires:

1) Marketing: Articles, videos, Facebook ads or other content that compels people to visit your website. Your web content should teach network marketers how to solve their biggest business problems. This sort of content portrays you as an expert.

2) Lead Generation Form: The place on your site where prospects can volunteer their name, email and phone in exchange for a downloadable bonus report. The report should be high-value instructional material.

3) Email Auto-Responder Series: Daily emails sent to leads with tips tactics and strategies to thrive as a network marketer Selling affiliate products by email is also necessary. Instructional courses and systems for network marketers usually pay 30%-70% commissions.

4) Activities That Build Rapport: You must include conference calls, webinars or other activities that allow prospects to ask questions, connect and grow to trust you.

5) Natures Sunshine Presentation: Once you’ve cultivated a relationship with prospects, you can guide them to a recorded opportunity presentation for Natures Sunshine. By far the best way to set up a marketing funnel is to use a plug-and-play system with all the emails, videos and websites already created.

Natures Sunshine Secret: Tap Different Sources Of Internet Traffic

There might be no better place to promote your Natures Sunshine business than on the Internet. In the beginning, it’s important you only focus on a single way to generate leads on the internet. Do not try to master multiple methods at the same time. Being overwhelmed is the challenge all new people face when they start to market online.

You should add another marketing strategy once you achieve a satisfactory result from the first method. You can attract leads for your Natures Sunshinebusiness from Facebook ads, videos on Youtube, or articles on your blog.

Begin with a single source of traffic, then diversity by adding other sources of website visitors. That way, if a traffic source declines, you have other traffic to generate leads for your business.

Each traffic source will behave differently. Some traffic sources will yield a lot of sales. Other traffic sources will yield less results. Learn to recruit people into your Natures Sunshine business who join your list from different web sites.

Be just like an investor with a portfolio of various stocks, not only one stock. Having a diverse portfolio of traffic reduces risk. Create a portfolio of traffic sources, but start with a SINGLE source of traffic for your Natures Sunshine business. If you don’t, overwhelm will almost certainly be your fate.

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