Legal Shield Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Legal Shield Profits

June 7, 2012

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Legal Shield distributors: Are you dedicated to developing a large business? If so, read this entire article right now.

If you want to become a top earner, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you’ll run out of friends and family to approach.

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

Here are 3 strategies 7-figure income earners use to build network marketing empires today:

Legal Shield Secret: Market With A Blog

Blogging is a powerful way to attract leads into your business. A blog is a simple website where you can post written content you have created. Create the content yourself or outsource content creation to a professional writer. Most writers charge anywhere from about seven to twenty dollars per article, depending on the length and quality you require.

WordPress is the simplest free platform to use for blogging. You don’t need any technical skills to use WordPress. A blog can help your Legal Shield succeed:

– Establish Credibility: On your blog, publish valuable tips and strategies useful to network marketers. Instructional content positions you as an authority. A lot of your readers will begin to regard you as a trusted authority. A portion of your readers will want to become a part of your Legal Shield opportunity.

– Free Traffic: By promoting your content using a few online tools, you can attract network marketers to it. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are all places where you can get website visitors to your blog.. getting a lot of website visitors to your blog is likely to result in your generating a lot of free leads.

– Your Online Lead Source: Offer a free training, such as an e-book or video, in exchange for user contact information. Require that blog visitors enter their name, email and phone to receive the free offer. This is the easy, proven way to create leads from your free traffic.

Be ruthlessly consistent and blog every day. Keep your content interesting. Use a blog to generate free leads for your Legal Shield business, 24/7 on autopilot.

Legal Shield Secret: Generate Affiliate Commissions

Products and services you sell for a commission are called affiliate products. Affiliate products include ebooks, training courses and membership websites that teach network marketing strategies. Promoting affiliate products will yield many benefits for your Legal Shield business.

The prospects that buy affiliate products based on your recommendation are more likely to want to look at your Legal Shield business opportunity. These customers have indicated they’re willing to spend money on their business, their not just window shopping.

Even if your Legal Shield opportunity is not an interest, you still come out ahead. Affiliate products enable you to profit from the large majority of prospects who don’t join your Legal Shield business. You can make a lot more money when you add affiliate products to your business.

You can generate recurring income from affiliate products such as marketing systems that charge customers a monthly fee. Recurring revenue adds consistency to your business (and helps you sleep better at night knowing there’s reliable revenue). Promoting affiliate products on the front end of your business will help you stand out. You won’t resemble all the network marketers who just hard sell their business opportunity to anyone and everyone. You’ll seem like an authority and valuable guide, not just a promoter. By selling affiliate products on the front end, you will sponsor a lot more Legal Shield reps on the back end.

Legal Shield Secret: Lead Others

The only people that make real money in opportunities like Legal Shield are leaders. Leadership is something you learn in two ways:

– Model other leaders. Attend live events and get to know top producers. You’ve got to find leaders you can relate to and build the business like they do.

– Take on leadership roles. You will learn through experience. Experience is far more valuable than training.

Strengthen your mindset Your leadership starts with your belief in yourself. Strengthen your frame of mind so you succeed despite obstacles.

Some of the people your sponsor will just quit. Do not get attached and never get affected by what these people do. Set an example.

What you do speaks louder than what you say. Each day, do what needs to be done to succeed. Talk is cheap. Do the work! Be a teacher and show others how to succeed. Do not do things for other people, instead show them what to do.

Describe to your Legal Shield team what you do every day to create results. Do webinars. Help the people in your Legal Shield business who are creating results.

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