Kangen: The Truth How To Be A Kangen Top Earner

September 24, 2011

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Kangen water business-builders: Do you want to learn how to become a top income earner promoting Kangen water machines by Enagic?

If you wish to become a top earner promoting Kangen water products, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you’ll run out of friends and family to approach.

You have to learn how to market- like a REAL business!

Here are 3 strategies 7-figure income earners use to build network marketing empires in companies such as Kangen today:

Kangen Water Business Strategy #1: Market Yourself On the Front End. Promote Your Business Second.

To successfully build a Kangen water business using online marketing, you must understand folks online typically are not seeking for an “opportunity” such as selling Kangen water filtration products. They are shopping for a leader who can teach them the right way to attain their ambitions.

Differentiate yourself by marketing the value YOU bring to the equation. Don’t just market your Kangen water business!

On-line, essentially all entrepreneurs attempt to “hard sell” individuals on their business, proclaiming it has a terrific compensation plan, the greatest leadership team, the greatest product line, etc. They forget that people do not genuinely care about that stuff – even if it’s a reputable opportunity like promoting Kangen water filtration products.

Encourage yourself as the leader others have to follow. Present no cost training via videos and articles. Do webinars. Teach. Then people will respect you as the mentor they seek and start approaching YOU to join your team.

Kangen Water Business Strategy #2: Drive A Lot Of Internet Traffic

Obviously, the more people that go to a store, the more revenue that retailer is going to make. Exactly the same holds true when you market your Kangen opportunity on the web.

The greater the number of targeted website visitors to your internet site, the more leads you are likely to produce.

The greater the number of leads you generate, the more sales you’ll generate and the more new reps that will sign up to promote Enagic filtration products that produce Kangen water.

Pretty simple.

Normally, top producers drive far more traffic to their web sites than other people. Top earners in network marketing who promote almost exclusively online normally generate 50-200 leads per day online. Most everybody else in opportunities like Kangen creates 0-2 leads on a daily basis online.

So how do you produce lots of targeted traffic to help you become a Kangen top earner? It’s not going to arrive from one source.

Depending your enterprise on just one supply of website visitors is dangerous. What if that one source dries up for some reason?

You will need to have a portfolio of 5-20 different website traffic sources that jointly add together to a lot of traffic.

But this is the irony: To drive a lot of website traffic, start by learning ONE traffic creation technique for your venture.

Whether it is a paid tactic, such as banner advertising or pay per click, or a “free” strategy, such as Youtube video clips, focus on just ONE traffic strategy until eventually you are producing 20-30 leads each and every day.

If you try to master numerous techniques all at once, you will get overwhelmed and you will NOT create results in your enterprise.

Get started with one web traffic technique. Build a portfolio of traffic methods over time.

Kangen Water Business Strategy #3: Develop Your Mentality

Most network marketers believe building a substantial business online is a function of techniques, like how to generate more traffic to their website, how to attract more leads, how to follow up better, etc.

It’s true, techniques and strategies make a difference. But they’re only about 10% of creating a large organization!

The other 90% of creating a large enterprise depends on what’s in your mind.

What you focus your mind on every day is a larger contributor to your success than tactics and strategies.

It’s imperative you adopt the right mindset in order to produce major results in your business.

Most entrepreneurs push themselves to try to do the things required in their business. But you cannot force yourself to perform activities over and over again. At some point, there must be no resistance to accomplishing your daily business tasks if you’re going to perform them every day in your Kangen water business.

You’ve got to put your mind into a mode where accomplishing the activities most important to success in your business – your marketing and follow-up activities – are habitual.

Any time something is habitual, you get it done on auto-pilot, without giving it any thought. There is no internal resistance.

Cultivate your mindset and habits such that executing the revenue-generating tasks in your business (promotion and following up) are habitual.

Cultivate these habits by simply doing them despite preferences. You need to power through a discomfort timeframe of a number of weeks where doing follow up calls, placing advertisiements, etc, still feels like you are “pushing” yourself, because these activities are new.

At some point this new routine will just become a habit. It takes about 3-4 weeks to lock in a habit.

Get your “inner game” to a point where performing the revenue-generating tasks in your enterprise become habitual. After that do them repeatedly, ideally 5-6 days a week.

If you perform your Kangen revenue-generating tasks 5-6 days a week for a long enough duration, you can absolutely attain the income that inspired you to start a Kangen water filtration products business.

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