Forever Living Products: How To Build A Huge FPL Business Online

July 5, 2011

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Forever Living Products is a multibillion dollar network marketing company that almost single-handedly introduced aloe vera to the world in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Even though Forever Living Products is a rock solid company, that does NOT guarantee your success. You create success in network marketing by marketing. Forever Living Products

Not just “making a list” of friends and family. Not prospecting total strangers. Marketing is the key to success in Forever Living Products.

Below are 4 marketing tactics, pioneered by network marketers that have built 7-figure empires online. You can use these proven tactics to DOMINATE as a Forever Living Products rep.

Forever Living Products Tactic #1: Build A List

Build a list of leads online. Not a list of friends and family you know. Tap into the largest audience on the planet- 1.5 billion+ Internet users.

Target frustrated network marketers. Network marketers, particularly those eager to grow their businesses, are a hungry audience of people who routinely buy courses, systems and tools to grow their businesses.

Offer a compelling, “irresistible” incentive to your prospects, in exchange for their contact information.

Specifically, create a free training that teaches other network marketers how to solve a critical business problem – such as how to generate leads, sponsor more reps, increase retention, etc. This could be a video, webinar, series of emails, even a free PDF report. On your website (such as a blog or lead capture page), offer this free training in exchange for the visitors name, phone and email address.

When the person provides this information, they become your “opt-in” lead.The more traffic you drive to your website, the more leads you’ll generate which you can eventually introduce to your FPL business.

Forever Living Products Tactic #2: Warm Your List

Online, people buy from those they know, like and trust. In contrast to most Forever Living Products distributors who try to promote FPL to just about everyone, instead position yourself as a trusted advisor, not a desperate salesperson.

Publish blog articles, create videos, or send emails to your leads where you teach your prospects. Teach how to grow their business, how to sponsor more people into their network marketing business, how to drive traffic, or something else useful to their business.

This free training warms your list, making it easy to sponsor people into your Forever Living Products business or sell them affiliate products. Warm your list with free training before promoting anything else to these prospects. Set yourself apart from desperate Forever Living Products reps who constantly jump up and down about their business before they have ever established a relationship with the online prospect.

Forever Living Products Tactic #3: Promote Affiliate Products

Retailing affiliate products allows you to monetize the 97% of your leads that do NOT join your Forever Living business. Affiliate products include educational courses, ebooks, membership websites and online services such as email autoresponders and web hosting which are useful to other network marketers.

Typical affiliate commissions average $20-$200 per sale. Promote affiliate products to your online prospects before you introduce your Forever Living Products opportunity to these prospects.
Affiliate commissions should offset your advertising costs, so you can keep your ads running 24/7 and literally never run out of leads. Affiliate marketing is critical to lead abundance, and it also makes you less dependent on revenue from Forever Living Products.

Only after you have warmed your list, and promoted affiliate products to offset your advertising costs, then introduce your Forever Living business.

Forever Living Products Tactic #4: Promote FPL On The Back End

By building a list of leads, warming the list, and promoting high-quality affiliate products to your leads, you will have a VERY responsive list of prospects. People who buy affiliate products based on your recommendation demonstrate 2 things:

  1. They are buyers, not tire kickers
  2. They trust your recommendations, and make buying decisions based on them

These are the hottest leads on the planet!

Call the people who buy affiliate products from you. Invite them to watch a presentation, such as a webinar, about Forever Living. Then follow up.

With this method, you can easily and repeatedly sponsor A LOT of reps into your Forever Living Products business.

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