DrinkACT: How To Become A DrinkACT Top 2% Earner

August 22, 2011

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DrinkACT, a network marketing company based in Chula Vista, California, has some solid things going for it:

  • The company focuses on weight management, energy and weight loss.  These are three very popular niches in the health and wellness sector.
  • DrinkACT’s core beverage offering, A.C.T. Energy, is very popular.  The company has also diversified to include many other beverage offerings.
  • DrinkACT founder Dr. Joel Wallach created an audio titled “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” which sold over 100 million copies.  This is one of the most popular network marketing tools of all time.  Wallach is clearly a network marketing veteran.

Does DrinkACT’s positive attributes mean your DrinkACT business will thrive?

Absolutely not.  DrinkACT’s health as a company in no way determines your personal success.

First, health and wellness is a very crowded market segment.  Much competition exists in this niche.

Second, most DrinkACT reps are taught to approach friends and family about the business.  You absolutely WILL run out of friends and family to talk to, and therefore you must learn the #1 skill to become a DrinkACT top earner: marketing!

I’ve been mentored by 7-figure earners.  Follow the three principles and strategies below.  They are how 7-figure earners  in companies such as DrinkACT build huge dynasties using the Internet.

DrinkACT Strategy #1: Cultivate The Mindset Of A Top Earner

Most entrepreneurs think building a substantial DrinkACT business is a result of techniques, such as how to generate more traffic to their website, how to generate more leads, how to sponsor more reps into DrinkACT, etc.

Yes, tactics are important. But they’re only a small piece of the business!

The remaining 90% of the game depends on what’s in your mind.

Mental attitude is a more important determinant of your success as a DrinkACT rep than strategies are.

It’s imperative you adopt the right mindset so you can create external results that culminate in a large and profitable DrinkACT business.

Many entrepreneurs in opportunities such as DrinkACT “push” to try to do the things required in their business. But you cannot force yourself to perform activities over and over again. Ultimately, there must be no resistance to performing these activities if you are going to sustain them and grow a huge DrinkACT downline.

You’ve got to put your mind into a mode where finishing the tasks congruent with creating success in DrinkACT – your promotion and follow-up tasks – are habitual.

Any time something is a habit, you get it done without giving it any thought. There is no internal resistance.

Cultivate your mindset and habits so that executing your most vital business tasks (promotion and following up to sign up new DrinkACT reps) are habitual.

Acquire these habits through will and repetition. You need to sustain your activity through an uncomfortable time period of a couple of weeks where calling DrinkACT prospects, setting up your ads, etc, still feels like you’re “pushing” yourself, because these activities are out of your comfort zone.

Then it just becomes a habit. They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit.

Get your “inner game” so that performing the revenue-generating tasks in your DrinkACT business is a habit. After that do them repeatedly, ideally 5-6 days a week.

If you carry out revenue-generating actions five to six days a week for a long enough duration, you will attain your income goals within your DrinkACT business. With this approach, over an appropriate amount of time, you cannot fail!

DrinkACT Strategy #2: Stand Out In Your Marketing

Cultivating your mindset is important, but at the same time, you must get out there and promote your DrinkACT business.

When you market DrinkACT offline to family, friends and people you know, you’re going to sign up some people into DrinkACT since they know, like and trust you, not because they’re super excited about DrinkACT.

On the other hand, when you market your DrinkACT business online, things work VERY differently. Online, you are one of thousands of people marketing DrinkACT.

Never forget that every representative promoting DrinkACT is promoting the same products and services at the same prices.

To effectively promote your DrinkACT opportunity on the Web, you NEED TO stand out. You need to “differentiate”.

You will need to give your prospect a motive to join YOU, not some other individual advertising DrinkACT.

In mlm marketing, differentiation means providing VALUE to your leads in addition to the DrinkACT business you’re promoting.

The most effective value you can provide is to teach your prospective DrinkACT customers about useful tactics and strategies they can apply to recruit more reps or make more money.

By teaching, posture yourself as a reliable expert, not just another DrinkACT rep.

You will get noticed and sponsor FAR more distributors into DrinkACT.

DrinkACT Strategy #3: Attract Prospects To You As Opposed To Approaching Them

Standing out in your marketing will enable you to attract people into your DrinkACT business instead of chasing them.

Instead of calling people to introduce to your DrinkACT business, you want to attract prospects to you on the internet who inquire about your DrinkACT opportunity.

Attracting leads, instead of approaching these people, has ENORMOUS benefits:
• Much higher conversion rates into your DrinkACT opportunity. You will get more money with much less effort spent on your DrinkACT business.
• Sponsor 5 to 10 times as many prospects into DrinkACT, so your revenue growth rate increases exponentially
• Fewer headaches. You deal with individuals very serious about your DrinkACT opportunity. You don’t deal with deadbeat leads who are totally uninterested in your DrinkACT opportunity.

I know people who recruit 20-30 reps on a monthly basis into companies like DrinkACT using this “attraction marketing” strategy.

Attracting people to you on the internet necessitates shifting your positioning. Rather than approaching people as a network marketer trying to add people to your DrinkACT organization, you have to position yourself as a mentor who shows home business owners the best way to effectively build a network marketing business.

Publish a blog with content and video lessons that train networkers business and marketing strategies. Then, a portion of your visitors will ask you what network marketing you’re involved in – because they regard you as a mentor. They will want to sign up for your DrinkACT business, and you will recruit them without the headaches and frustrations of chasing people.

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