Stop Being A Robot. “Doing Your Own Thing” Attracts Leads & Signups

September 7, 2012

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If you’re a network marketer, you’ve probably been told “Use the system!” “Just follow the plan!” and not to put your own spin on anything. You’re taught to act like a robot.

When you’re recruiting friends and family, that’s fine. They’ll sign up because they already know you.

Being a robot and doing what everyone else does is suicide online.

But when you run out of friends and family to recruit (as you invariably will in 30-90 days), and you turn to the Internet to promote your opportunity, what is your game plan to get noticed alongside the thousands of reps promoting the EXACT same opportunity online?

Watch this short 3-minute video where I reveal the EXACT blueprint to stand out online. so you get more leads, more sales, and more signups:

Get the system I use to stand out from other networkers and generate 30-50 leads daily like clockwork

Other distributors in your opportunity on the Internet have the same replicated websites as you. The same products. The same comp. plan.

How will you stand out so they join YOU?

If you’re answer is, “I have no idea”, you’re not alone.

Network marketers are simply not taught one of the most important rules in business:

If you don’t stand out and get noticed, you don’t stand a chance of getting the sale.

You have to differentiate, and come across as different than other reps. Your prospect must see a clear-cut reason to enroll with you and not somebody else.

The way to stand out is to create and deliver value – in addition to to your opportunity.

The best way to add value is to develop a skill that solves one of the two problems problem network marketers have:

Problem #1: Generating leads

Problem #2: Sponsoring more people

Lead generation is one of the fastest skills you can learn. And it’s also one of the most valuable.

Differentiate (stand out) by doing the following:
1. Learn to generate leads online. (Using a blog, or YouTube videos, or Facebook or Twitter or advertising.) I recommend you use the #1 lead generation system that teaches network marketers how to generate 22-38 leads per day

2. Get a result. This could be 1-2 leads/day. Your result creates credibility. That’s a result you can get within a week or two if you have the right training.

3. Shoot a quick video showing your results.

4. As a bonus for people who join your opportunity, offer a training webinar where you teach people the lead generation skill you learned.

Using this simple approach, you should expect to get phone calls and emails from people asking about your opportunity. they will regard you as a leader and want to join your team.

– Steve

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