cPRIME: How To Be A cPRIME Top Producer

September 5, 2011

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cPRIME distributors: Do you want to know what it takes to become a cPRIME top earner?

If you want to become a top earner in cPRIME, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family.

You have to learn how to market- like a REAL business!

Here are 3 ways top earners in companies such as cPRIME dominate today:

cPRIME Strategy #1: Stand Out In Your Marketing

When you market your cPRIME business offline to people who already know you, you are going to sponsor some people into cPRIME due to the fact these people know, like and trust you, not due to any specific details about the company you market.

In contrast, when you market your cPRIME opportunity on the Internet, things work VERY differently. On the Web, you are one of thousands of people marketing the same direct sales program.

Keep in mind that every distributor promoting cPRIME is marketing identical products and services at the same prices. Why should your prospect join *your* cPRIME organization, and not that of someone else?

To productively market cPRIME on the Web, you HAVE GOT TO stand out from other marketers. It’s essential to “differentiate”.

You need to supply your prospect a rationale to sign up with YOU in cPRIME, not another person advertising cPRIME.

In mlm marketing, differentiation means offering VALUE to your prospects in addition to the cPRIME business you’re promoting.

The best value you can supply is to train your prospective customers about beneficial techniques and strategies they can take advantage of to sponsor more representatives or make more money.

By instructing, posture yourself as a trustworthy advisor, not simply another cPRIME rep.

You will get noticed and sponsor Way more sales reps in your cPRIME business.

cPRIME Strategy #2: Use Videos To Promote Your Business

Marketing with videos on sites such as Youtube.com is one of the quickest, most wide-reaching, least costly ways to get major exposure for your cPRIME business.

Online video marketing can help you sell more affiliate products, bring new reps into your cPRIME business, and increase your income.

Not many people fully grasp how hugely popular Youtube is and how much exposure Youtube can provide. Youtube is the second most popular online search engine after Google, and it receives more searches than Bing and Yahoo. Every day, people go to Youtube and enter the name of their network marketing company and related keywords into the Youtube.com search box.

You can exploit this highly responsive Youtube.com website traffic for your cPRIME opportunity.

In fact, I have attracted over two thousand very responsive leads from my Youtube.com videos alone. In my experience, leads from Youtube.com are 2 or 3 times more likely to buy something than prospects from almost any other source.

Why are leads from Youtube.com so likely to buy? On the internet, individuals only buy from those they know, like and trust. When people view your video clips, they see your face, hear your voice, get a feel for your energy, and absorb your message. Video clips communicate MUCH more than emails or blog articles.

In short, your video viewers will feel like they know you.

Videos also bring in ENORMOUS amounts of marketing leverage into your cPRIME business.

• Your video clips sit on Youtube 24/7.
• Once you shoot and post a video clip on youtube, the video can easily drive website visitors for years. Set it and forget it!
• Your videos never complain, quit, or occupy your time.
• Videos get your prospective customers to feel like they know you…without your spending time on the phone.

Web videos are like an group of robots who advertise your cPRIME opportunity for you day and day out.

Make sure to get my free guide and stay plugged into my email newsletter to find out how you can attract leads and new reps using video marketing and other ground breaking online marketing strategies.

cPRIME Strategy #3: Promote Yourself First. Market Your Opportunity Second.

To profitably grow a cPRIME organization making use of internet marketing, you need to accept people online generally aren’t hunting for an “opportunity” like cPRIME. They’re seeking for a leader who can show them the right way to obtain their dreams.

Distinguish yourself by advertising the worth YOU bring to the situation. Don’t just market your cPRIME business!

On-line, essentially all network marketers attempt to “hard sell” individuals on their business, proclaiming it has a great compensation plan, the finest leadership team, the finest product line, etc. They forget that individuals do not really care about that stuff – even if it’s a respectable business like cPRIME.

Encourage yourself as the leader others have to follow. Present totally free training via training videos and articles or blog posts. Do webinars. Educate. Then individuals will regard you as the leader they are looking for and start approaching YOU to join your cPRIME business.

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