Body By Vi Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Body By Vi Profits

August 10, 2012

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Learn To Be A Top Earner In Body By Vi
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The Body By Vi Challenge is Visalus’ weight-loss and fitness initiative. Visalus Promoters can earn commission by promoting the Challenge. In this blog post, I use the term “Body By Vi” to refer to Visalus’ business opportunity.

Body By Vi business owners: It’s time to learn what it REALLY takes to become a top earner Are you committed to making it to the top of your comp. plan?

If you want to become a top earner, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family.

It’s imperative you master the basics of marketing- like any real business

I’ve been groomed by 6 and 7-figure income earners who taught me the following strategies we quietly use to build large businesses:

Body By Vi Secret: Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

Products and services you sell for a commission are called affiliate products. Affiliate products include ebooks, training courses and membership websites that teach network marketing strategies. Your Body By Vi business will gain several benefits from promoting affiliate products.

People who purchase affiliate products from you are more likely to consider your Body By Vi opportunity. These customers have indicated they’re willing to spend money on their business, their not just window shopping.

Whether or not they’re interested in Body By Vi is a non-issue. You earn commissions from the large percentage of prospects who choose not to join your Body By Vi business. This is an easy way to make more money.

You can generate recurring income from affiliate products such as marketing systems that charge customers a monthly fee. Recurring revenue adds consistency to your business (and helps you sleep better at night knowing there’s reliable revenue). Promoting affiliate products is a good way to differentiate yourself from other marketers. You are not going to be one of the numerous network marketers who lead with hard sell of their opportunity. You will seem more like an expert, less like a hypey amateur. By selling affiliate products on the front end, you will sponsor a lot more Body By Vi reps on the back end.

Body By Vi Secret: Develop A Winning Mindset

The most important factor in your success or failure in Body By Vi is mindset. Running a business demands a very different mentality than being an employee. You’re going to need to develop habitual thoughts focused on success, positivity and fortitude.

Network marketers usually focus on skills development too much. They focus too little on mindset development. Mindset is far more important than skills.

Your thoughts, attitude and emotions govern what you create in your life. You can always learn skills for your Body By Vi business. But unless you’ve cultivated a winning mindset, you will leave the business before you get the results you desire.

To succeed in Body By Vi or any business, you must believe these and other empowering things:

– Nothing can stop me from the success I deserve

– I will persist long past when others quit

– I am self-sufficient. I don’t depend on my sponsor or upline

– There’s a powerful and compelling reason I build my business

– I have a goal that is measurable, realistic and specific

Do things to cultivate your mindset development like reading personal development books and doing affirmations. Make mindset a priority, and your Body By Vi will benefit greatly.

Body By Vi Secret: Match Your Marketing Methods To Your Temperament

Reps in companies like Body By Vi often model what their upline does, even if these strategies do not match the rep’s personality. This is a big reason people in companies such as Body By Vi often quit within their first 12 months.

Market Body By Vi in a way that matches your skills and personality. With this approach, many benefits will emerge:

– Your consistency will skyrocket when you pursue strategies you like.

– Persistence- You’re less likely to quit Body By Vi marketing activities you enjoy doing.

– Aptitude- Your skill is likely to be much higher in activities you enjoy, rather than strategies you find tedious or boring.

Deciding whether to use paid advertising, or free strategies, is a critical decision. Advertising with paid media can be powerful, but you must get trained and have a budget. Here are some paid advertising methods:

– Solo ads in ezines, which are online magazines

– Advertisements on Facebook

– Images ads (also called banner ads

A lot of networkers choose free traffic strategies, but you’re going to need to invest time to generate results. Here are some free tactics:

– Using Facebook and Twitter to generate exposure.

– Creating and publishing Youtube videos.

– Blogging about network marketing topics to attract qualified leads.

Are you very social? Then social media might be for you. Is writing something you enjoy? If you do, then maybe you’d enjoy article marketing.

Are you analytical? When you advertise, you’re going to need to measure results such as ad spending and revenue. Focus on promotion strategies that suit your personality. Then ramp up!

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