The Balance Company: How To Be A Top Earner In The Balance Company

September 16, 2011

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The Balance Company is a Chula Vista, California-based company with a product line in the health and wellness products industry.

If you wish to become a top earner in The Balance Company, you need a promotion strategy to implement because you’ll run out of friends and family to approach.

You MUST learn to market!

Here are 3 ways top earners in companies such as The Balance Company dominate today:

The Balance Company Strategy #1: Attract Prospects To You As Opposed To Approaching Them

As an alternative to calling people to introduce to The Balance Company, attract prospects to you online who inquire about The Balance Company.

Almost all The Balance Company reps are instructed to “make a list” of individuals they know and approach them about their The Balance Company business. While this tactic is a good idea for getting things started, it’s really a short-term method only. Once network marketers in companies such as The Balance Company run out of people on their list to speak to, they take this “approach people” way of thinking to the cold market, and begin promoting to strangers they meet at events, at restaurants, etc. to introduce them to The Balance Company. This cold market approach tends to be a huge waste of time, given that 99.9% of people one meets AREN’T a good match for their The Balance Company business, (even if they end up signing up for The Balance Company).

Attracting leads, instead of approaching them, has HUGE benefits:
• Much larger conversion rates into your The Balance Company business. You will get more income with less effort
• Sponsor 5 to 10 times more prospects, so your The Balance Company revenue growth rate increases exponentially
• Much less hassles. You deal with people very interested in your The Balance Company business opportunity. Not with deadbeat prospects.

I know individuals who sponsor 20-30 reps every month into companies similar to The Balance Company using this “attraction marketing” strategy.

Attracting people to you on the internet necessitates shifting your positioning. Instead of approaching individuals as a network marketer looking to add people to your The Balance Company organization, it’s essential to position yourself as an mentor who educates home business owners the best way to successfully build any home business.

Publish a blog with content and video clips that train mlm business owners business and marketing tactics. Then, a percentage of your readership will ask you what mlm business you’re in – because they respect you as a mentor. They are going to want to become a member of your The Balance Company business, and you will probably recruit them into The Balance Company without the headaches and aggravations of chasing people.

The Balance Company Strategy #2: Use Email As An Additional Follow Up Strategy

Complement your phone follow up with automated e-mails.

When you create a lead for your The Balance Company opportunity, call up your lead the same day (if possible, the same hour), while your lead is fresh.

Ask questions to get a feel for what your prospect is searching for. Evaluate whether the prospect is really a fit for your The Balance Company business.

Next, send qualified prospects to the second step of you exposure process: a live web conference, three-way call, an online video, DVD, or another presentation tool about your The Balance Company opportunity.

Continue to follow up with your The Balance Company opportunity, prospects via e-mail.

Mail your prospects 1-2 emails EVERY DAY.

Not every other day. Not once a week. E-mail your prospects EACH DAY. Marketing tests show over and over daily emails can increase your sales by 30%-60%.

Don’t worry about people that unsubscribe. They weren’t going to buy anything anyway.

In every e-mail, teach your prospects a technique or approach to assist them to generate additional visitors, attract far more leads, improve sales, or some other skill.

At the end of each and every email, and also inside the body of each and every email, incorporate a link to the next step in your exposure system for your The Balance Company opportunity.

This might be the presentation tool (the live webinar, or 3 way call about The Balance Company, or online video, or other marketing piece about The Balance Company) you referred the prospect to on the telephone.

E-mail follow up:
– Enhances telephone follow-up, it doesn’t replace calling leads by telephone
– Gets your marketing message in front of prospects while you do other things
– Delivers the same promotional message about your The Balance Company opportunity, each time

Utilize an autoresponder such as Aweber, a service which automatically sends your email messages on your behalf every day.

Load up your already-written emails into your autoresponder, and you have an automated follow-method to complement your phone follow-up.

The Balance Company Strategy #3: Focus On One Thing At A Time

When multilevel marketers in companies such as The Balance Company start to learn online marketing, these people try to master too many new things all at the same time.

Instead of learning one “free” way to attract website visitors, such as social media marketing, or video marketing, they try to master all these “free” things at the same time.

Rather than learn ONE place to advertise online, such as banner ads, or pay per click, new marketers often attempt to implement several totally different advertising methods.

Due to the fact they’ve focused on too many things, new The Balance Company distributors often go into “information overload”, and complain about feeling overwhelmed.

And they end up quitting The Balance Company. I have known MANY new marketers in companies similar to The Balance Company who experience this.

Do you want to build up a portfolio of different advertising channels over time for your The Balance Company business? Certainly.

But the key is eventually, not immediately.

At first, the most important thing is that you generate results. And that’s only going to happen if you concentrate your efforts on learning ONE strategy at a time.

Once you’re consistently generating 20-30 leads per day for your The Balance Company venture from this tactic, then move on to learning another tactic.

Trying to master multiple traffic strategies at once WILL NOT work.

By focusing on one thing at a time, your The Balance Company business results will actually grow more quickly. Your morale will be higher, and so will your energy level.

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