Avon Mexico Top Earner Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Avon Mexico Profits

July 20, 2012

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NOTE: In this blog post, I refer to Avon’s business in Mexico as “Avon Mexico”.

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Avon Mexico success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you seek to become a top earner, it’s vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your business..

You’ve got to learn to acquire customers and business partners the way nearly all legitimate businesses do: through marketing!

Here are 3 strategies 7-figure income earners use to build network marketing empires today:

Avon Mexico Secret: Use Duplicable Sales Presentation Tools

A tool that presents for you is a video on the Internet, or a DVD that delivers a company presentation For decades, millionaire top producers in companies such as Avon Mexico have relied on sales tools to do the presenting for them. Instead of presenting your opportunity, you should let the sales tools do the talking.

There are several advantages to using a sales tool to present your Avon Mexico opportunity:

– Top earners usually create the sales tools, so a skilled closer goes to work for you every time

– Your prospects get the same polished presentation every time

– You leverage your time because you don’t need to do regular live presentations

– New distributors in your Avon Mexico business can start recruiting, without knowing how to present

– When people see a recorded presentation, they will realize they do not need to pitch and your sign-up rates will go up

Online video is one of the simplest sales presentations. I use a lot of online video in my marketing and it’s *very* effective in closing sales on autopilot. If Avon Mexico doesn’t have an online presentation to which you can direct prospects, ask a top producer in your upline to create one. Or create one yourself. Let the tools do the talking for you. Leverage your time and watch your Avon Mexico business grow as a result.

Avon Mexico Secret: Concentrate On One Thing At A Time

When people start trying to market a venture such as Avon Mexico on the Internet, they usually take on too many things at once. Instead of focusing on just a single way to pull people to their website, such as social media marketing, or video marketing, they try to master these different free marketing strategies at the same time.

Instead of learning just a single style of online advertising, such as display advertising, or ezine ads, they try to master advertising in multiple places, all at once. Because they’ve over-committed, new Avon Mexico distributors often go into information overload, and complain about feeling overwhelmed.

These people are usually the first ones to quit Avon Mexico . I have known MANY new marketers in companies similar to Avon Mexico who experience this. Do you want to build up a portfolio of different advertising channels over time for your Avon Mexico business? Yes.

But there’s no reason for this diversifying when you start advertising for the first time. For starters, the most critical thing is to simply create some results. And that’s only going to happen if you concentrate your efforts on learning ONE strategy at a time.

Only attempt to learn a new advertising method after you are generating two to three dozen leads daily for your Avon Mexico opportunity from a single strategy. Attempting to take on too many promotional tactics at the same time is not the best approach. By concentrating on learning one thing at a time, you will get more results, faster. Your morale will be higher, and so will your energy level.

Avon Mexico Secret: Develop A Winning Mindset

Your mentality will determine your ability to succeed in Avon Mexico more than by any other factor. The mental demands of starting a business are far more rigorous than the mental demands of being an employee. You’re going to need to develop habitual thoughts focused on success, positivity and fortitude.

Network marketers often believe skills like prospecting and closing will make them successful. Your thoughts and beliefs are more important than your skills.

The things you think about habitually are the things you attract into your life. It’s straightforward to develop skills for your Avon Mexico venture. But unless you’ve developed the right frame of mind, you’ll probably quit the business if things get really challenging for too long.

If you want to be successful in your Avon Mexico enterprise, you’ve got to believe:

– I will overcome all obstacles to succeed

– I will persist long past when others quit

– I rely on myself, not my sponsor or the company, to attract success

– My purpose for building my business is rock solid and clear

– There’s a specific, realistic and quantified target I am building towards

Do what’s required to adopt a new mindset: Hire a coach, attend workshops, and participate in live calls with mindset experts. Establish the mindset of a champion, and your Avon Mexico business will bloom.

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