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September 16, 2011

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AmbitEnergy distributors: Are you determined to creating a huge AmbitEnergy business? If that’s the case, dig into this article now.

If you wish to become a top earner in AmbitEnergy, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family.

You MUST learn to market!

Below are 3 strategies 7-figure earners taught me I have successfully used to take my business to an entirely new level:

AmbitEnergy Strategy #1: The Power Of Massive Action

Get in the vicinity of top notch producers in businesses such as AmbitEnergy, and you are going to hear the term “massive action” repeated. To create a sizeable, flourishing AmbitEnergy business on the web, you have to take massive action too.

Concentrate on revenue-producing activities, such as advertising, closing sales and sponsoring brand new distributors into AmbitEnergy. Reduce unproductive time wasters, such as “getting organized”, watching television, and busywork. Work consistantly.

Build your AmbitEnergy enterprise on a daily basis, regardless of your personal preferences. Schedule your days into effective time blocks. Quit generating excuses. You will need to grow to be a different person to be successful with your AmbitEnergy business.

Take massive action, and the results you create in your AmbitEnergy business will multiply dramatically.

AmbitEnergy Strategy #2: Focus On Marketing More Than Duplication

People in network marketing companies like AmbitEnergy are told they need to keep everything they do simple so people in their AmbitEnergy downline can duplicate these activities.

How effective is this strategy to keep everything simple so other can duplicate it? For a small minority of marketers, this approach works well.

But for the extreme majority of multilevel marketers in companies like AmbitEnergy, keeping everything allegedly “duplicatable” does NOT lead to high levels of duplication. This is ironic but true.

Check out these facts:

• Only about 20% of network marketers in AmbitEnergy ever sponsor anyone at all.
• The minority of people that sponsor anyone will only ever sponsor about 2 or 3 people…ever!
• The remaining 80% of your AmbitEnergy downline won’t ever do a darn thing.

In other words, the “keep it simple” approach so popular in network marketing has an 80% failure rate!

Keeping everything you do “duplicatable” will NOT maximize your AmbitEnergy income and it also creates problems few talk about.

The most common way to “keep it simple” is to approach family and friends and present the AmbitEnergy business opportunity to them. This method is called “warm market recruiting”. For decades network marketers have been teaching this strategy not because it’s the best but because its the most simple. But simple does not mean effective!

This strategy can actually lead to people quitting AmbitEnergy. Once people run out of others to talk to within the first 30-90 days, they will often quit AmbitEnergy because they have NO CLUE how to perform the one activity they must rely on to build a business: advertising and marketing to generate consistent lead flow.

The second problem this “friends and family” approach creates is it repels high caliber prospects. Ideal prospects for a AmbitEnergy business are people with transferable skills and large personal and professional networks. Real estate professionals, professional salespeople, executives and other business people fit this category, but these people tend NOT to want to approach family and friends about their opportunity, For many professionals, their reputation is their most valuable asset. Few professionals tend to feel comfortable introducing their network to a business opportunity they just got started with.

So should you begin by approaching friends and family about your AmbitEnergy business? Sure. But you must learn to market in order to build a real business because you WILL run out of leads. Your best prospects are likely going to want to market their business professionally, not pester friends at cocktail parties.

Learn to market online and you can grow a AmbitEnergy business with less duplication, while you attract higher caliber prospects into your business.

If only a few high caliber team members learn to market AmbitEnergy online, you could build a very large AmbitEnergy organization.

AmbitEnergy Strategy #3: Warm Your Leads List

As you generate leads on the internet for your AmbitEnergy venture, it is critical to warm your prospects before marketing directly to them. Online, people buy from those they know, like and have confidence in. In contrast to the majority of network marketers in businesses like AmbitEnergy who, like a needy sales person, attempt to promote their AmbitEnergy venture to almost everyone, instead position yourself as a trustworthy advisor.

Publish blog articles, create video tutorials, or send emails to your leads where you help them learn things. Teach your prospects the best way to grow their business, how to sign up more people, ways to drive traffic, or something else helpful to their business. This free instruction warms your list, which makes it easy to recruit people into AmbitEnergy or sell them affiliate products.

Warm your list with no-cost educational content before marketing anything to these prospects. Set yourself apart from needy home business owners.

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