Ambit Energy: How To Be An Ambit Energy Top Earner

September 16, 2011

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Ambit Energy is a electricity services company that’s headquartered in Plano, Texas.

If you wish to become a top earner in Ambit Energy, it’s vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your Ambit Energy business..

The single most important skill you could ever learn is marketing.

Here are 3 ways top earners in companies such as Ambit Energy dominate today:

Ambit Energy Strategy #1: Boost Sales By Adding Affiliate Tools

“Affiliate” products are instructional courses and online marketing systems that pay out a commission on each and every sale. Example affiliate products are ebooks, training courses and membership websites that teach multilevel marketers strategies to promote their venture on the Internet.

There are many advantage to marketing affiliate products in addition to your Ambit Energy opportunity:

Affiliate products enable you to profit from the large majority of leads and prospective buyers who don’t sign up for your Ambit Energy business. This tactic generates income more consistently than from your Ambit Energy business alone and maximizes your overall revenue.

Additionally, customers of affiliate products and services are MUCH more liable to enroll in your Ambit Energy organization than individuals who do not purchase the affiliate products you promote. Customers who have purchased an affiliate product from you are five to ten times more likely to buy something else form you than people that have not purchased something from you previously..Separating the buyers from the “browsers” and tire-kickers assists you to zero in on all your highest quality prospects.

Some affiliate products are regular monthly membership websites, which usually results in an extra repeating monthly commision for you. Residual repeating income adds stability to your business.

Finally, by marketing beneficial marketing tools on the front-end, you differentiate yourself. You won’t end up being just one of the many Ambit Energy representatives who lead with hard sell of the Ambit Energy opportunity. You will look a lot more experienced, less eager and you’ll posture yourself as a reliable guide. You will end up recruiting many more Ambit Energy associates by leading with selling affiliate product.

Ambit Energy Strategy #2: Attract Prospects To You Instead Of Approaching Them

Rather than contacting people to introduce to Ambit Energy, attract prospective customers to you on the internet who inquire about Ambit Energy.

Almost all Ambit Energy distributors are taught to “make a list” of individuals they know and approach them about their Ambit Energy opportunity. While this tactic makes sense for getting things started, it is a short-term method only. Once network marketers in companies such as Ambit Energy run out of individuals on their list to talk to, they take this “approach people” way of thinking to the cold market, and start approaching strangers they meet at events, at restaurants, etc. to introduce these people to Ambit Energy. This kind of cold market tactic is often a tremendous waste of time, because 99.9% of the people one meets are NOT a good match for their Ambit Energy business, (even if they end up signing up for Ambit Energy).

Attracting leads, as opposed to approaching these people, has HUGE benefits:
• Much larger conversion rates into your Ambit Energy business. You get more income with less effort
• Sponsor 5 to 10 times as many prospects, so that your Ambit Energy revenue growth rate skyrockets
• Significantly less hassles. You deal with people very interested in your Ambit Energy opportunity. Not with deadbeat leads.

I know people who recruit 20-30 reps on a monthly basis into companies similar to Ambit Energy using this “attraction marketing” approach.

Attracting individuals to you online requires changing your positioning. Instead of approaching people as a network marketer trying to add individuals to your Ambit Energy business, you must position yourself as an mentor who shows network marketers how to successfully build any mlm business.

Publish a blog with content and videos that educate mlm business owners business and marketing strategies. Then, a percentage of your viewers will ask you what mlm business you’re in – because they regard you as a leader. They’ll want to become a member of your Ambit Energy business, and you will sponsor them into Ambit Energy minus the hassles and aggravations of chasing people.

Ambit Energy Strategy #3: Stand Out In Your Marketing

When you promote your Ambit Energy business offline to people who already know you, you’ll sign up some people into Ambit Energy simply because these people know and like you, not due to any specific details about the company you promote.

On the other hand, when you promote your Ambit Energy business on the Internet, the game is EXTREMELY different. On the Web, you are one of thousands of people offering the same multi-level marketing business.

Keep in mind that every representative marketing Ambit Energy is promoting the same products and services at the same prices. Why should somebody sign up into Ambit Energy under you, and not under another distributor?

To successfully market Ambit Energy on the Web, you MUST stand out. You must “differentiate”.

You will need to provide your prospect a motive to enroll with YOU in Ambit Energy, not someone else advertising Ambit Energy.

In mlm marketing, differentiation means offering VALUE to your prospects in addition to the Ambit Energy opportunity you are marketing.

The best benefit you can supply is to show your prospects about beneficial methods and strategies they can make use of to recruit more reps or make more income.

Through teaching, posture yourself as a reliable advisor, not merely another Ambit Energy rep.

You will stand out and sponsor FAR more sales reps in your Ambit Energy business.

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