AdvoCare: How To Become An AdvoCare Top Earner

August 17, 2011

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AdvoCare, a network marketing company founded in 1993 in the health and wellness niche, offers a product line focused on weight management, nutrition, energy and sports performance.


Though Advocare is a well established company with a track record of almost 2 decades, that says nothing about YOUR prospects for success building an Advocare business. AdvoCare’s stability does not equate to individual success.

Because it’s just a matter of time before you run out of friends and family to talk to about your AdvoCare business, to become a top earner in AdvoCare you must learn to MARKET. And the Internet is one of the best places to market AdvoCare.

Here are three strategies 7-figure earners are using to become top producers in network marketing companies such as Advocare:

AdvoCare Strategy #1: Attract Prospects To You As Opposed To Approaching Them

As an alternative to calling people to introduce to AdvoCare, attract prospects to you online who inquire about your mlm business. 

The majority of AdvoCare reps are instructed to “make a list” of people they know and approach these people about their company. While this tactic is a good idea for getting things started, it’s a short-term method only. Once networkers run out of people on their list to speak to, they take this “approach people” way of thinking to the cold market, and start approaching strangers they meet at events, at restaurants, etc. to introduce them to their AdvoCare business. This kind of cold market approach is usually an incredible waste of time, due to the fact 99.9% of people one meets AREN’T a good fit for the business (even if they sign up).

Attracting prospects, as opposed to approaching them, has HUGE advantages:
• Much higher conversion rates into your mlm business. You will get more income with significantly less effort
• Sponsor 5 to 10 times more prospects, so your income growth rate increases exponentially
• Significantly less hassles. You deal with people really serious about your business opportunity. Not with deadbeat prospects.

I know people who sponsor 20-30 reps each month utilizing this “attraction marketing” strategy.

Attracting individuals to you on the internet requires changing your positioning. Rather than approaching individuals as a network marketer seeking to add individuals to your organization, you have to position yourself as an coach who shows network marketers the best way to successfully build a home business. Publish a blog with articles and video lessons that train mlm business owners business and marketing tactics. Then, a portion of your readership will ask you what network marketing company you are in – because they respect you as a mentor. They are going to want to be a part of your AdvoCare business, and you’ll sponsor them into AdvoCare without the headaches and frustrations of chasing after people.

Advocare Strategy #2: Market More Than Everyone Else 

High-earning entrepreneurs normally market more prolifically than everyone else.

How well you implement the basic network marketing skills (prospecting, following up, presentation) will influence how quickly your business grows.

But it’s also true that the QUANTITY of your execution makes as much of a difference, or more than, how well you perform each task.

Outpromoting the competition means attracting more website visitors and generating more leads on a daily basis than others.

If you’re marketing with content, then put up more articles, video clips, and blog posts than everyone else.

Every time you implement more advertising, then place more advertisements, in more places, than most of your competitors.

If you are doing webinars to pitch your AdvoCare business, then do several webinars just about every week. Not once every month or so.

Being an extremely prolific marketer means that you email your list helpful strategies (and a call to take action!) to your list every day. Not occasionally. Each Day!


If you attract more website visitors, create a larger number of leads, and give more presentations than the competition, you will probably generate more income than others and grow a large AdvoCare business.

Advocare Strategy #3: Get The Maximum Revenue From Each Customer

It is far easier, faster and cheaper to sell to customers you already have than to go and attract new customers. 

Instead of just promoting your network marketing business products to your prospects and new reps, promote affiliate products to them also.

Affiliate products are educational courses, e-books and marketing tools that help network marketers grow their businesses. Typical affiliate commissions are $25-$150 per sale.

There are many advantages to selling affiliate products:

More money per customer and more revenue per lead
Deeper customer relationships, because each product you sell your customers delivers more value to them, and they associate that value with you
Easier future sales. Customers happy with the other products you recommended will be likely to buy others that you recommend in the future.

The second way to maximize revenue per customer is to upsell higher ticket items.

Most reputable network marketing businesses have a startup price of $200-$500 and pay a sign-up bonus of $50-$100.

If all you do is promote affiliate products and a traditionally-priced MLM business such as AdvoCare, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

You should also promote a high ticket course or educational event that pays a commission of $1,000 or more.

In network marketing, there are two ways to add a high ticket offer to your marketing mix:

First, you can offer your high ticket course or event to those you sponsor into your AdvoCare business.

Second, there exist top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $1,000 or more. You could promote one of these high ticket opportunities IN PLACE OF AdvoCare.

Virtually all top network marketers who market mostly online promote a top tier direct sales opportunities that pay commissions of $1,000 or more and NOT a traditionally-priced MLM business.

Promoting a high ticket top tier opportunity allows you to earn a LOT more for the same amount of work as a typically-priced network marketing company.

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